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Let our CBI ChipMax wood chippers do the work

We’ve been in the wood chipping business a long time. We’ve used many different chippers over the years and without a doubt, have found CBI chippers to be the best. They really are the world’s most productive and reliable.

Above: CBI track-mounted whole tree chipper

Above: CBI track-mounted whole tree chipper

Chip faster than any other chipper

Our CBI ChipMax 484 chippers effortlessly chip up to 100 tonnes per hour. It’s a fact: they consistently out produce other drum chippers by up to 50% on a daily basis. What does this mean for you? We can be on and off your site quicker, and for a very competitive price.

Make light work of the biggest logs

The ChipMax chippers are the strongest in their class. They make light work of whole trees and round wood up to 800mm (just over 2.5 foot) in diameter. This large capacity dramatically reduces and usually eliminates the time and expense associated with cracking logs down prior to chipping.

Chip without the breakdowns

Our state-of-the-art wood chippers combined with our experienced team of operators and technicians enables us to provide a consistent and reliable wood chipping service that’s not plagued with frustrating breakdowns. Combined with the chipper’s high power, we can chip considerably more wood per day.

Custom chip sizes

We can chip to sizes including G30 and G50 (P16A/P45), as well as custom sizes from 2-25mm.

Access any terrain

Whether your log pile is deep in a forest or on the side of a motorway, our chippers are track-mounted so they can access all terrains with ease and efficiently chip into lorries or stockpile. 

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