Anstee Services launches wood chip drying and screening facility

Following extensive research and development, our new state-of-the art wood chip fuel drying and screening facility is now fully operational.

The facility is an important part of our growth strategy and enables us to extend our market reach by selling to owners and operators of biomass boilers that require a wood chip moisture content of 25% or less.

Anstee Services Managing Director, Craig Anstee, says: “Our custom flow dryer allows warm air to rise through a moving and ventilated drying bed. The bed gives a pulse effect which ensures the chip is thoroughly and consistently dried with no wet patches. The result is extremely efficient drying performance which is far superior to belt dryers and drying floors.

"We can now easily dry to any specified level and provide a rapid delivery turnaround.

"We are also one of the few biofuel wood chip suppliers in the UK to offer in-line screening. This means as soon as the chip is dried, it moves directly into screening. As part of our high quality control, we do not sell any chip which has not been screened after drying. This is important because screening during the chipping process alone does not allow complete control over fines and oversize. Because our screening process is in-line it is automated and efficient."