Recreational wood chip

Our fantastically versatile, safe and eco-friendly wood chip is suitable for a wide range of recreational purposes, including use at events, music festivals, public parks, children’s playgrounds as well as at home as part of a play area. Our wood chip can also be used as base for keeping mud at bay in chicken and dog runs. 

Using wood chip for recreation purposes offers the following benefits:

  • Provides a safe base for play and other recreational uses
  • Made using 100% virgin, untreated timber and therefore free of contamination of any kind (such as chemicals, nails or glass)
  • Helps keep mud and weeds at bay, and maintain the vital moisture balance in soil
  • Thoroughly dried and slow to decompose to reduce the need for reapplication
  • Guaranteed to be from sustainable wood sources
  • The wood chip is light in colour and can therefore transform otherwise dark and tired areas

If you need guidance on the application of our wood chip or to enquire about our wood chip application service, our landscaping division would be happy to help. Please call us on 01656 646257, extension 3.

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